"It is a gross offence if you do not know how to write"

Learn the Ultimate Secrets of Becoming a Writer -

the best guide to start writing today, even if you have never written anything in your life

Have you been thinking of how to make money online but have ZERO digital skills?

Are you interested in launching your career in online content writing but have no idea how to go about it?

Do you believe that you too can become a writer? Making money online, building your writing portfolio, and having a successful writing business.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then stick with me until the end.

Dear Prospective Writer,

My name is Taiwo Sotikare, and I am the founder and CEO of Insight.ng

Please let me share a golden secret that no one will want to tell you. 

Writing is a learnable skill, and it is one of the most lucrative skills in the world.

It is a lifehack - a skill that everyone - students, employees, online marketers, freelancers, or entrepreneurs - must have. 

  • As an entrepreneur, you should be able to write your business plans, letters, advertisement messages, and other important documents yourself.
  • As a student, you should know how to write well to conveniently and effortlessly write your school projects and thesis.
  • As a graduate, how will you write your job application letter, curriculum vitae, cover letter, etc., if you don't know the rudiments of writing?
  • As a freelancer, the main reason clients keep rejecting your proposals is because they are filled with grammatical errors and lack proper structure. It doesn't matter if you are into writing, video editing, graphic design, translation, etc. If you don't know how to write a simple proposal without errors, clients will continue to ignore it like you don't exist.
  • As an affiliate marketer, you are only punishing yourself if you don't know how to write. You must write sales copy, email, social media posts, and many others to succeed.
  • As an amazon self-publisher, you will hardly make headway if you think making money on Amazon is just about uploading documents when you can't write something beautiful. Amazon will continue to ban your account.

The list is endless...

That is why I often tell my students that it is a gross offence if you don't know how to craft appealing and engaging content.

Not a criminal offence, of course. But an offence against yourself - your success and your ambitions.

Before I talk too much, let's take a break and see how much money people make online every day with their writing skills. 

Here are two screenshots I stole from Zikoko Naira Life Series

Title: The Medical Student Who Went From Nothing To $2000/Month

My Caption: #NairaLife: This Gen Z Converts her writing skills to over 1 Million Naira per month

Now let us go back to our premium talk.

8 years ago, I asked a friend to teach me how to write, and the way he replied made it seems like writing is a skill that cannot be learned. I was disturbed and perplexed. So I buried myself in several research and practices - reading books, taking courses, volunteering, etc.

Fast forward to this year, I have made tens of millions of Naira online with writing - a skill that My colleague, Halimat Chisom, and I are now committed to teaching you.

A skill that is constantly making millions of Naira and thousands of dollars for people, including the medical writer and other people Zikoko have featured in their Naira life series.

A skill that will help boost your business performance, career, and personal development. 

Do you have any iota of faith in yourself that you too can become a writer?


Not just writing a message or sharing random thoughts on social media, but writing to influence people and make money?

Are you aware that writing is lucrative enough to fund your desired lifestyle in the world of tech, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship? Now, you know.

As a writer, you can make money via

  • Freelance Writing - Offering your writing skills on freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, and several others.
  • Amazon KDP Self-publishing- Writing a short eBook and selling it in Dollars on Amazon.
  • Blogging - You can become a blogger where you will share your knowledge and ideas for people to read. You will make money through advertisements, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.
  • Content Management - You can work as a content manager for famous media brands like Zikoko, Forbes, Insight.ng, etc.
  • Editor - You can make money as an independent freelance editor or work as an Editor-in-Chief for a newspaper or magazine company.
  • Scriptwriting - Writing movie scripts and other entertainment content for online TV channels like RedTV, Ndani TV, Koety EO, etc.
  • Journalist or Content Contributor - Becoming a content contributor or journalist on a famous news blog like Punch, Nairametrics, Vanguard, etc.

The opportunities have no limits... 

A Nigerian who has made $100,000 (about 40 Million Naira on Upwork as a writer)

This person charges $545 (N300,000 per article on Fiverr.)

Mark Dawson Made $450,000 (186 Million Naira) per year as a self-published Writer on Amazon

You don’t even need all this money.

You probably only need half, and your life will transform for the best.

With all these enticing proofs of people cashing out big with their online writing skills,

You may be tempted to jump to action and start writing. Who wouldn't? In fact, that is my goal here. However, before you jump the gun, please let me ask you an honest question.

What exactly do you want to write?

How exactly will you write something meaningful if you lack a good foundation of content writing?

You see, many upcoming writers are tempted to ignore the fundamentals of writing and jump straight to calling themselves "seasoned copywriters" or some other fancy titles. This act results in a bunch of mediocre write-ups that mean nothing and have no effect.

And eventually, they start complaining that they can't get jobs on Upwork, Fiverr and LinkedIn. That nobody wants to pay a premium for their work.

They complain that Amazon KDP blocks their account. Or that they are not getting sales.

What exactly are they expecting if the quality of the document they upload to sell on Amazon KDP is poor?

How will a client hire you to write a 1,500-word article for $300 if you can't write a beautiful and engaging piece?

Remember, you must offer great value to your clients in exchange for their money. Just as I am about to give you millions of Naira value in exchange for a penny of your money.

As you know, if the foundation of any structure is weak, it'll crumble under little pressure within a short time.

So how do you avoid this kind of dilemma?

My team and I have been struggling to solve this problem at Insight Digital Academy (Insight.ng) for a long time.

However, we now have all the time and resources to walk people through the basics of online content writing.

So I pulled my colleague, Halimat Chisom, to create a comprehensive and simplified online writing course.

This course covers everything you need to start writing quality and engaging content that clients can pay hundreds of thousands of Dollars and Naira.

Learning how to write is easy; however, to reach mastery, it takes effort and proper guidance.

This course is not a broad, generalized, long, and exhausting course that'll overwhelm you with so much information with no direct nudge on how to start.

It is not an over-simplified course that takes you back to primary school topics. 

It's also not a course that is too technical and leaves you feeling confused.

It is just perfect!

It is perfect enough that we are so confident that you will forever be happy that you purchase this course.

And if for any reason, after going through all the modules in this writing course, you aren't satisfied with the quality of what you get, 
we will refund your money.

No question asked!

Because in this course, you will get; 

  • Free CERTIFICATE from Insight.ng that you can add to your portfolio and apply for jobs. (Worth N100,000)
  • Actionable steps that take you from wanting to write to complete draft you can show off as a writer. - (Value N100,000)
  • Practical assignments (and feedback) that will help you improve your writing skill and productivity. - (Values at N50,000)
  • Relatable examples to simplify relevant points and make the message stick. (Free)
  • Proofreading and Editing Hacks - How you can proofread your documents for perfection - (Worth 12,500)
  • Learning structure that encourages practice, accountability, and models the real professional writing world. (Cost 25,000)
  • Full disclosure of the different types of writing you can specialize in. (Worths N100,000)
  • Free Access to our mentorship group on Telegram, where you can connect with other writers and us. You can ask us questions in this mentorship group, and we will respond immediately. (Worths N15,000)
  • Job opportunities from Insight.ng. You'll always be a priority. (this is priceless)
  • Consistent writing tips through emails and the Telegram group. (Worths N23,000)

And by the end of this course, we are...

certain that you will already have the confidence to write great content without grammatical flaws.
We are sure you will be able to write job proposals that your Upwork and Fiverr Clients love.
You can write your school project that even the VC will be tempted to invite you for a talk.

You will write like a boss...

But why should you trust us?

  • My colleague and I have a combined professional experience of nearly 10 years.  We have written content across different industries, including, marketing, technology, business management, health, lifestyle, etc.
  • We both interact with publishing houses and online magazines like Nairametrics, Ynaija, BusinessWorldAfrica, Zikoko, Entrepreneur.com, Hackernoon, and several others. 
  • We have both made tons of money across all online writing industries - Freelancing writing, Copywriting, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon self-publishing, SEO blog posts, and others.
  • Our goal at Insight.ng is to make digital skills accessible to many Nigerians, and this course is one of the ways to help you acquire money-making digital skills.

You may want to ask, "why should I pay for this course when you can find many free resources on the web?"

You're right to think there are free resources online. So, here's a question for you.

Have you ever enrolled in a free course that answered all your questions about the subject?

So detailed that you didn't have any more questions about how to move forward?

Those are the limitations of free courses, especially on skills as technical and evolving as writing online.

And here, we are working on not just your writing skill but also your confidence to help you start writing immediately. That is how committed we are to seeing you succeed.

So How much should this course cost?

You see, we had a lot of trouble pricing this course because we are more concerned about impacting Nigerians with life-transforming skills that will improve their lives. 

That is why I brought my team together to ensure this course achieves its purpose: to make you fulfilled and successful in any industry where writing is required.

And with all the bonuses in this course, including the Free Certificate, Assignments, and Group Mentorship, this course shouldn't cost anything less than N250,000.

But we don't think it will be fair if the people we want to help can't afford the money. 

However, will you agree with me that this course is worth charging N100,000 for?

Well, we won't be charging you up to that. And we won't also charge you N45,000, which we originally intended to.

We understand that many of you are students and graduates with a lot of financial burdens that adulthood has thrown at us even before we start. 

So we have agreed to sell this course at a ridiculously cheap price that you may forever blame yourself for if you don't jump at it now.

I mean, we are offering you this course along with all the bonuses (free Certificate and group Mentorship) for just N25,000 

And if (for any reason), after going through all the modules in this writing course, you aren't satisfied with the quality of what we promise you, we will refund your money. No question asked!

Money Back Guarantee

Remember I told you we had no intention of keeping our members' money if they aren't satisfied with our course.

And I want to reinstate it to you that if, after going through the content in the video and PDF slides, you feel that this course sucks, you can demand your money back within 30 days of purchasing this course. No question asked. 


Again, this course is not some random free resource online. You may have enrolled in different free and paid online courses that confused you so much that you regret it.

You may even have sworn never to purchase a course online again.

We understand, and that is why we are here, with a ray of sunshine, and hope to help you take a risk-free decision for a value worth millions of Naira.

Worst scenario, you review the course and tell us our course sucks.

We refund your money.

Or you get the course and forever be happy and grateful to us.

Both ways, you win.


Special Discount for First 28 People that will Order Today!

We also have a special offer for you - however, that is only if you order the course TODAY.

What does that mean?

It means we are giving the course to just the first 28 people who will purchase this course TODAY at a whopping 40% special discount.

Instead of N25,000 - We will be giving you access to get the course as well as all the values in it for just N14,500 (one-time payment)

And not just that,

We will equally give you the almighty writers checklist that has transformed the lives of all our writers at Insight.ng

Simply click the button below to get instant access to the course now for just N14,500 TODAY before the price returns to N25,000.

Read what people are saying about this course.

Winlade Isreal

Winlade Isreal
Erasmus Scholar

"Writing is an indispensable skill like it was in the days of Socrates. It has earned me recognition, money, a fully-funded scholarship, and an all-expense-paid trip to an international symposium where the brightest mind and thought leaders meet annually in St. Gallen (Switzerland).

For a boy like me, mastering the art of writing at the right time made a lot of difference in my breakthrough. This is the reason why I am excited about Taiwo’s decision to create a course on writing. I am glad he finally settled down to draw inspiration from his years of freelance writing to empower young Nigerians to break free from overdependence on the government and corporate sector for employment.

This is a great course that takes you through the rudiment of prolific writing. Additionally, it teaches you how to earn money. You may have many regrets today. If you don’t buy this course, don’t blame heaven if you end up having many more regrets."

Ismail Olaitan

Batch 1 Student

The Writing Course: Beginner's Guide to Online Content Writing is a course I will strongly recommend to anyone willing to learn writing from scratch.

It's an eye-opening course. Before starting this course, I didn't understand what proofreading and editing were about. Neither could I create a good write-up.

Now I understand the essential rudiments of writing a great piece. And how I can proofread and edit my content for perfection.

Upon completing the course, I have set up a Proofreading and Editing Gig on my Fiverr account. I really appreciate Halimat and Taiwo for creating this course. And I am happy I enrolled for it.