Dear Prospective writer,

We want to congratulate you on getting this Beginners Guide to Online Writing Course. 

We assure you this is one of the best decisions you will ever make, especially if you are just getting started as a writer. 

This course is divided into five parts. Each part addresses key elements you will need to become a successful writer.

The introduction helps you understand things you will learn in the course.

Part 1 talks about what online writing is about and helps you in taking the first decision to become a good writer. 

The second part walks you through how you can proofread your content for good readability and engagement.

The third part introduces you to the different types of online writing we have

Part 4 talks about tips on how you can become a good writer

Part 5 gives tips on how to transition into advanced writing, where you will be mastering the skills and techniques to writing for FAME and MONEY. 

Please note that we gave you a series of assignments in this course. As well as the email address to which you will submit the assignments.

This is to help you take action in practicing things you have learned in the course. 

We will review your submissions and give you comprehensive corrections. After that, we will give a subsequent assignment, and from there, we will place you on a particular writing level and constantly share resources that can help you become a better writer. 

We will equally award you a certificate to help you compete well in the global marketplace as a writer. This certificate will be awarded after you must have completed the two assignments in the course. We will attach it along with the corrections. 

Our ultimate goal is to see you master the art of writing - at least upto an intermediate level.

Ensure you watch the video with an open mind while jotting essential things. 

Remember, the dullest pen is sharper than the sharpest brain. 

We wish you good luck as you start your online writing journey with us. 

Taiwo Sotikare & Halimat Chisom 

Introduction to The Course

Part 1: Writing Your First Draft

Part 2: Proofreading and Editing Your Writing for Accuracy

Module 1

Module 2

Part 3: Understanding the 7 types of online writings

Part 4: Becoming a better Writer

Part 5: Trasitioning to Advance writing - Writing for FAME

Updated videos

Based on observations we had with some of our first set of students (on this particular course), we constantly create and upload more recent videos to help have a better grasp of online content writing as a beginner. Please enjoy

Update 1: How to use Google Doc for Writing Assignments